About Us FEF Pharmaceutical aim for R&D and
practical application of outstanding
seeds from academia.

About FEF Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

FEF Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was established to manage the healthcare business of EPS Creative Health Technology Group Limited (Hong Kong), aiming to research, develop and commercialize promising drug candidates and technologies that now exist in academia.
EPS Group offers a wide range of outsourcing services mainly on drug and medical device development, and provides one-stop services covering the whole series of supports ranging from the planning of clinical trials to post-marketing surveillance.
In recent years, some academia-originated drugs have been approved for marketing, thanks to the active support of the Japan Medical Research and Development Organization (AMED). AMED’s supports for translational research have been also getting more active. As such, there are an abundance of academia-originated development pipelines in Japan. However, there are still various issues to be addressed in promoting the practical application of these drugs, such as the time required for its development and commercialization as a pharmaceutical product.
We utilize the affluent know-how that EPS Group has cultivated to date to research, aiming to develop and commercialize the promising drug candidates and technologies that exist in academia. We contribute to the development of the health industry in various aspects by timely delivery of effective drugs to people who are suffering from diseases.

2. Greetings from President

Morihiro Fuse

Representative Director
Morihiro Fuse

FEF Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. aims to be a company that highlights the drug candidates and technologies buried away in academia and articulate their ideas. It’s acting with the concept that both academia and the EPS Group aim to obtain drug approvals, and achieve results with an approach that makes use of various ideas and experiences of both organizations. FEF Pharmaceutical offers a wide range of consultations including development strategies, non-clinical trials, clinical trials, applications for approval, and overseas expansion.

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